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Rediscover your Strength in Numbers

It's a common story. Your franchise or dealer network formed because of the collaborative benefits that gave you all that special edge over your competition.

But over time that collaborative culture is replaced with "lone wolf" tactics - especially in respect to marketing. Your brand becomes diluted and inconsistent. Marketing efforts become disconnected and chaotic. Data is scattered everywhere.

Plujo provides your network with the tools and environment to rediscover the strength in your numbers.

Unique to your Network

Each Plujo solution is custom tailored to your business and network; with a unique blend of platform, program and partners - all working together for you to realize your full digital marketing potential.

The “hard assets” that are used to perform marketing activities; Websites, landing pages, social media accounts, email marketing systems, etc.

The “soft services” that are required to execute marketing activities solution. Strategy, copywriting, designing, reporting, account management, etc. Collaborative reporting is a key element of every program.

Plujo has a network of 8,000+ marketing professionals, all ready to provide specialized services to your network members - based on market and strategy.

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